Sunday, 2 June 2013

'The Last of Us' First Impressions Demo

As it is the most excited ive been for a game in a while i had to to get my hands on 'The Last of Us' Demo to experience what its going to be like and get some first impressions about the game.

The demo starts you off with Joel, Ellie and Tess as you venture into the apocalyptic world that naughty dog create which is terrifyingly brilliant . The objective is basically to explore a run down office block for supplies and from the outset it really does capture the pure emotion of fear. Joel is alarmed from the outset which displays the horror the characters have for their own survival in the world. As you explore the half destroyed building you have to sneak and fight the infected to get the supplies you desire and the game really displays the intensity throughout that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Even through the demo you will be presented with fear, intensity, craftiness and scenes that will have jumping from your seat.

 As expected the gameplay is similar to uncharted but not to the extent that you can climb massive scale buildings or anything like that its more of the combat side of things that is quite similar but not too similar that it just seems like a copy of uncharted. The combat of the game is very fun, you have little bullets to use that adds a sense of fear which on the wider scale of the actual game im sure will work fantastic with the theme of the game. You can also fight by punching or from a weapon you can find lying about and using this type of combat is very satisfying. As you punch your way through the infect Joel interacts with the surroundings with ease as you punch a few times then smash the infected head into a wall and it looks gruesomely slick. In the demo there are two types of infected you have the first stage that are the beginners of the infection that run at you at a fair pace and the latter stage that are called clickers. These type of infected cannot see and only notice you from their hearing, as described in the game like bats. You can lure these infected by throwing bricks and bottles and sneak past these enemies which is very intense.

 A nice touch to the game which creates a sense of realism within the world is how Joel interacts with objects. For instance with a medical kit you can find supplies to actually create the kit and as you do Joel will  crouch down open his bag and start making it.
Also when using a medical kit he will get the bandages out and slowly wrap them round his arms to heal himself. This mean within the game you will have to find good areas where you can do such things which im sure will add even more intensity when being attacked by the infected and other enemies.

So as i said i couldn't resist in downloading the demo and getting an impression of what the game is going to be like. And it was a BIG mistake as it has tortured me in being more pumped for the game and i cannot wait for the 14th of June even more now and i will hate myself for the days to come as i sit in anticipation for its release.

Play the short demo at your own risk.

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